Massage is a non-invasive, low risk therapy which provides many benefits physically and psychologically. For many people suffering from back pain, both temporary or serious chronic complaints, massage is an accepted method of treating and reducing symptoms along with the underlying issues.

In Wink, you will have anextraordinary experience, trying any of our massage packages;

  • Head Massage
  • Classic Face Massage
  • Anti-Aging Face Massage
  • Upper Back and Shoulders Massage
  • Feet Reflexology
  • Hands Massage
  • Full Body Reflexology
  • Express massage (30 minutes , light chair massage, fully clothed)
  • Aroma Oil Massage 60min (with essential oils to boost mood and reduce stress)
  • Aroma Oil Massage 90min (with forehead and head oil massage)
  • Swedish Massage (gentle massage, for tension, sensitive clients)
  • Hot stone Massage (for muscle pain)
  • Deep tissue Massage ( deep pressure for chronic muscles pain)
  • Shiatsu Japanese Massage ( for trigger points )

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WINK Spa is a Beauty Lounge where you can relax and pamper yourself

Dokki Branch. Address : 24 Aman, Dokki, Giza

El Sheikh Zayed Address : No.105, Building 17, District Services 17. Beverly Hills. 6 October. Giza

Email : info@wink-spa.com
Phone : +202 - 333 75 222 Dokki 
Phone : + 202 - 3857 7871 El Sheikh Zayed
Mobile : +2011- 555 6 444 8

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